Early Church Fathers recorded in their epistles that the Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke, were all based upon Jesus’ Original DoctrineJesus’ Gospel, His Original Doctrine, had been recorded by both Apostle Peter and Apostle John, and according to historical documents, Roman Emperor Constantine ordered the destruction of the doctrine Peter recorded.

Apostle John, after completing his recording of Jesus’ Doctrine, ordered a trusted person to hide it to protect it from falsification, and proof of that fact can be found in Apostle Peter’s epistle to Apostle James, which is within The Clementine Homilies; a link to the Homilies has been provided at the end of this article. The Catholic Church found Jesus’ Gospel recorded by Apostle John, in 1870, but they chose to not make the information public, as it contained doctrine that had not been authorized by the First Council of Nicaea 325 AD. Thankfully a copy of that Gospel made its way into the hands of the public, and today it is known as the Gospel of the Holy Twelve.

Keeping the early Church Fathers’ “Synoptic Gospels” statements in mind, one will find that numerous Verses within the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, of the King James Bible, KJV, have the same wording, or contain close to the same wording, as many Verses throughout the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, which convey the same story.

Based upon my intense studies of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, as it compares to the Gospel According to John, it is my firm belief it’s also based upon Jesus’ Original Doctrine. In that regard, when one compares the Verses detailed below, that are from Chapter 8 of the Gospel According to John, to the Verses detailing the same accounting in Lection 51, of Jesus’ Gospel recorded by Apostle John, they will find the similarities between them, to be remarkable.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though the wording of certain Verses in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve will be identical, or will be close to being identical to the wording of Verses which convey the same message within the King James Bible, KJV, that fact will not carry over to newer versions of the King James Bible. The message conveyed in newer versions will, or should be the same, but the wording will likely be very different. The versions, in which the message may be different, are the RSV and NIV, and this documentary will explain why: The Bible You Read Makes A Difference. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve is available as an e-Book download, and a link is provided at the end of this article.

Lection 51:1 = John 8:31-32 - Lection 51:2 = John 8:33-35
Lection 51:3 = John 8:36-37 - Lection 51:4 = John 8:38-39 
Lection 51:5 = John 8:40-41 - Lection 51:6 = John 8:42-43
Lection 51:7 = John 8:44 - Lection 51:8 = John 8:44-45
Lection 51:9 = John 3:14 - Lection 51:10 = John 8:46-47
Lection 51:11 = John 8:48-50 - Lection 51:18 = John 8:59*

* This section of Lection 51, Verse 18, “But, behold, a greater than Moses is here!” is not found within the New Testament, and that extremely important elimination cannot be a translation issue, for Jesus made that statement many times within the Gospel of the Holy Twelve. However, this section of Verse 18 is found in John 8:59, “and they were wrath and took up stones to cast at him. And Jesus passed through their midst and was hidden from their violence.”

Jesus stated in Lection 51, Verse 1, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” and in Verse 3, “but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you,” and in Verse 4, “ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth.” Once again, these Verses are also within the Gospel According to John, but nowhere within that Gospel can one determine what “truth” Jesus spoke of that will set the Jews free, nor the “word” He spoke that fueled their desire to kill Him.


ALSO IMPORTANT: the sections of Verses 12 and 15 below, are truths Jesus preached to the Jews during His Messianic Ministry, and the lessons taught in those Verses, which contradict the blood offerings and sacrifices instituted by Moses, are the specific opportunity Judas later seized upon to betray Jesus. Apostle John recorded the fact that Jesus would not allow the lamb Judas bought for the Last Paschal Supper, to be slaughtered, as Moses had ordained. The doctrine Apostle Peter preached, which is recorded in The Clementine Homilies, also supports that fact. Detailed evidence regarding the reason Judas betrayed Jesus is available through this link - Matthew documentary, Part Three.

Verse 12 “certain of the Elders and Scribes from the Temple came unto him saying, Why do thy disciples teach men that it is unlawful to eat the flesh of beasts though they be offered in sacrifice as by Moses ordained;” 
Verse 14 “but their heart is far from me, for in vain do they worship Me teaching and believing, and teaching for divine doctrines, the commandments of men in my name but to satisfy their own lusts;” 
Verse 15 “Jeremiah bear witness when he saith, concerning blood offerings and sacrifices I the Lord God commanded none of these things in the day that ye came out of Egypt;”
Verse 17 “against Moses indeed I do not speak nor against the law, but against them who corrupted his law, which he permitted for the hardness of your hearts;” and 
Verse 18 “But, behold, a greater than Moses is here!”

As I mentioned, the sections of the Verses above, from the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, contain the absolute reason the Jews sought to kill Jesus, for the blood sacrifice was a long standing tradition of the Jews, which Moses instituted in Exodus 24, Verses 5-8. Priests carried out the daily sacrifice in the Temple for the remission of sin. And by the way, the lessons contained in Verses 12 and 15, fulfill the Daniel 8:11 prophecy, “and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away,” and they are also in fulfillment of the Daniel 9:27 prophecy, “and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.”

Three final points: 

1- this section of Verse 14, “teaching for divine doctrines, the commandments of men in my name but to satisfy their own lusts,” makes it clear God’s Word had been altered to suit the needs and traditions of men; 
2 - the second is this section of Verse 17, “but against them who corrupted his law;” Jesus made that statement several times in Lections of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, which make it clear the Gospel, now our Old Testament, had been corrupted; and 
3 - the last is this section of Verse 18, which I mentioned earlier, “But, behold, a greater than Moses is here.” This is a very significant and meaningful statement, yet it is missing from the New Testament.

Truths that shall set your free
Jesus told the Jews the blood sacrifice was not of God, and He made it clear in many lessons He preached: the sacrifice of beast, bird or man will not remit sin; and He taught the blood sacrifice was a sin, in and of itself. 

Jesus taught the steps a soul must follow and obey to be set free from sins committed, and Jesus taught the steps a soul must follow and obey to earn salvation. 

However, the Jews would not hearken to the lessons Jesus taught, even though by obeying, they would have been set free from the sin of the daily sacrifice, which priests carried out for the remission of sin; in addition, if they chose to hearken to the lessons Jesus taught, they would have also been set free from the bondage of the false teachings of men, who as Jesus had preached, corrupted God’s Word that had been sent down through the Holy Spirit, to suit their needs and traditions.

I encourage you to conduct your own research to learn the “truths” Jesus preached which would make His followers free, and below are resource links that can set you on your way…..

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Reverend Roderick C. Davis
Anointed Seeker & Preacher of Hidden Truths