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I have very exciting news and a special offer just for you as a subscriber to the ConnectWithScott.com Mailing List. 
My new book, The Inheritance, has been described as, "The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter & The Celestine Prophecy meets The Secret, What the Bleep & Pass It On!" The book is going to be released to the public on March 16th - 18th, initially to 7,000 people at the Celebration Fair (www.CelebrationFair.com) at the Denver Merchandise Mart, and then will be available in bookstores everywhere. 
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We are also including a FREE Hypnotherapy Downloadable Audio called, Unlocking Your Inheritance. This CD quality audio was designed with Master Hypnotherapist Mary Leigh, to work specifically with this book. This is a $29.95 value and it is yours FREE! 
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I look forward to receiving your e-mails about your own experience with life changing power with the message contained within The Inheritance.

Blessings and thanks,
Scott Christiansen

Ps. Look at what the experts have said about The Inheritance;

“I found The Inheritance … A Vision, to be a fast and enjoyable read. Scott did not waste any time getting to the meat of the story, and I found his method of delivering several important messages … very refreshing. Some of the messages were delivered openly, and some could only be categorized as being subliminal. More than once I felt driven to thoroughly delve into the meaning behind the author’s words, letting my subconscious go to work to fully come to grips with message being delivered. When all was said and done, there’s no doubt in my mind that author’s intent is clear, and his messages are actually forthright. In my opinion it is a work that had to be inspired by forces in another realm.”
Rod C. Davis; 
Paranormal, Supernatural, Extraterrestrial Researcher & Author – www.RodCDavis.com

"As you enter the dusty corridors so vividly captured in The Inheritance, you enter a realm where reality is illusion… or is it? Be prepared for a breathtaking journey that will stretch your imagination to its boundaries. And if you enter these pages with the knowledge that you are about to experience much more than a delightful story, you will come away with a knowledge that can and will impact your life forever. Scott Christiansen masters the art of the tale in The Inheritance. The beauty of this fast-paced book is much more than the visual journey he shares. It's more than the human interaction and inner-action. It's more than the intrigue that is laced through each page. It is a mystery coiled in an enigma and hidden in plain view that will leave you with a mind opening ah-ha moment! What a fabulous book! Love the concept, love the story, and especially love the message!!! It left me grinning from ear to ear."
Brit Elders;
Author, Columnist, Documentary Filmmaker, & 
CEO - www.ShirleyMacLaine.com 

"Scott Christiansen has succeeded in creating a masterful, intriguing, intelligently written, sensitive must read which will touch the reader's heart, soul and mind." Best wishes with this powerful book, Scott. - 
Joyce Keller; 
Host of USA's longest-running psychic radio show, (AM & web); Author of over 7 books; honored in "Top USA Psychics," - www.JoyceKeller.com

"The Inheritance reads like the Celestine Prophecy; it is full of adventure, romance, and has a "leap of faith" mystery that puts you in two worlds at the same time. It kept me spellbound."
Agnes J. Thomas;
Ph.D., Author, Pets Tell The Truth

"Scott Christiansen has created a timely MASTERPIECE!!! Any individual who is looking for validation that dreams do come true, they need only look within the pages of this wonderful book. The Inheritance, A Vision is a must read for those who are searching for purpose, prosperity and ultimate fulfillment in life."
Mark Anthony Garrett; 
Motivational Speaker and Author of S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Is Everything, 7 Secrets to Enhancing Personal and Business Relationships, While Delivering Outstanding Service