The Original Gospel Messages

The Miracle of Three
Physical Signs from God

Second Edition

By Reverend Roderick C. Davis

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The Miracle of Three Physical Signs from God / Reverend Roderick C. Davis.

Publisher: Davis Associates Publishing
Second Edition (April 15, 2015)
Language: English

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Three Physical Signs from God

The Fundamental Rule in the Engagement of Rational Thought

The Other Resources

The Blood Sacrifice


This book is dedicated to God’s Glory,
for without His ongoing guidance
this writing would not exist.

God’s and Jesus’ book, has been structured in such a manner, as to facilitate its use as a Bible study tool, that will methodically reveal the lessons in the King James and Catholic Bibles, that are absolutely of God and Jesus, and it will crystallize which lessons are not of Them, even though they are taught in Their Names.


There is a plethora of evidence which crystallizes the fact that over the ages, God’s Word, and Jesus’ Doctrine have been modified by men to suit their needs and traditions, and there is an astounding amount of proof which clearly demonstrates that even in this day and age, attempts are still being made to further modify God’s Word, and Jesus’ Doctrine, and some has already become a reality. The who, and the why, are very important factors to understand, and they are disclosed in this writing.
An example of the who - Shabbath 116a, page 569 of The Talmud, tells the reader the Israelites must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament, and it’s important to note that the command in Shabbath 116a is over a thousand years old. Further to that, there is another very important, revealing piece of information in Talmudic Law, page 978, Section 2, Line 28, which is a Rabbinic Curse that states, “May the bones of the hands and the bones of the fingers decay and decompose, of him who turns the pages of the book of Daniel, to find out the time of Daniel 9:24-27, and may his memory rot from off the face of the earth forever.”
Why would Jewish religious leaders, and many other religious leaders for that matter, want to destroy the New Testament? As those who read this book will learn, there are many, and Matthew 27:25, King James Bible, KJV, is an excellent example which provides significant motivation to the Israelites to do such; Matthew 27:25, “Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.”
Further to that, there has been movement by powerful groups to have the book of Daniel removed from the Bible. Why would that be? Again, there are numerous reasons behind that action. For one, Daniel 8:11, KJV, tells the reader the prince of the host will take away the daily sacrifice, and Daniel 9:25 tells the reader the Messiah is the Prince, and Daniel 9:27 tells the reader the Messiah will end the daily sacrifice in the midst of the week. The daily sacrifice carried out in the Temple for the atonement of sin, is done in accordance with applicable Hebrew Law in Exodus 29.
In addition, there is a profound reason behind the Rabbinic Curse, which is placed upon those who turn the pages of the book of Daniel to find out the time of Daniel 9:24-27. I have calculated the time given in prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27, and I totally understand the reason the curse had been put in place.
Jesus told His chosen Twelve in His Gospel recorded by Apostle John,

“Woe is the time when the spirit of the world entereth into the Church, and my doctrines and precepts are made void through the corruption of men and of women. Woe is the world when the Light is hidden. Woe is the world when these things shall be,” and then “Jesus lifted his voice and said, I thank thee, O most righteous Parent, Creator of Heaven and Earth, that though these things are hidden from the wise and the prudent, they are nevertheless revealed unto babes.

Who are the babes? They are those who take the necessary steps to know beyond doubt, which are the truthful lessons, when certain lessons in their Bible, are diametrically opposed to others that are within their Bible. And who are the wise and prudent? They are those who staunchly defend the Bible as being true as written, and they refuse to study any biblical resources, other than their Bible.
The information in this book is dedicated to the “Babes,” to whom Jesus had prayed it would be revealed; said information reveals the lessons that are of God, and those that are of His Son, Christ Jesus, and in addition, it reveals very important lessons that have been hidden, that are crucial to a soul’s salvation.


A sequence of events occurred prior to my receiving the first physical sign from God, and it’s important that I disclose them, but first I must state: for more years than I can recall, I could not accept that certain lessons within the Bible, could possibly be of God, or Jesus. As time went on those feelings did not abate, and eventually, in 2005, I began to look for answers that would fulfill my conviction.
The first in the sequence of events that I mentioned came about during the spring of 2003, when a slim built man appeared before me. I am 6’ 2”, and this man, at minimum, stood a foot taller than me. He had a white robe on that had no belt at the waste; it just seemed to hang straight down from his shoulders, and the robe had wide, long sleeves, similar to the sleeves depicted on paintings I have seen of Christ. The man had long, wavy white hair that almost reached his shoulders, and he looked me directly in the eye.
He had a large Bible in the crook of his left arm, not so much as being thick, but long, and his right arm was hanging down by his side; it was bent a little, but he didn’t have anything in his hand. He said nothing, he just looked at me. I do not know how long the event lasted as I did not have any sense of time, but it’s certainly an event that to this day, I still see clearly in my mind. I do not recall at all seeing his left hand, but I do not believe it held the Bible in place, as it was resting in the crook of his arm, at about a 15º angle, with the base of it against his body.
A few months later, at 11 PM, something jabbed me in my right side, just below my rib cage, about seven inches from my sternum, and it woke me out of a sound sleep. The jab knocked the wind out of me, and the sound I made woke my wife. The force behind the jab made me think it would go all the way through to my back. Early the next day I recorded the event in my journal, as I do with all my spiritual experiences, and while writing it down, something kept gnawing at my mind: I had the distinct feeling, a knowing if you will, that my experience had something to do with Christ’s crucifixion. I can’t tell you why I felt that way, I just did.
Something else occurred that I found to be kind of interesting: almost as if to drive the point home, I continued to get jabbed in that same spot, every night, for the next few weeks, but the jabs were never as forceful as that first night, and most often the jab just made me grunt.
The next event I experienced came about in mid-2004. I had an angelic encounter that was the most euphoric experience I ever had, and there are no words that can adequately describe the wondrous love and peace I felt deep within me, and that experience forever changed the way I look at, and think about another human being. In addition, since that event took place, whenever I meet another person, I feel love for them, as though I had known them for a very long time.
I did not realize until November 2005 that the spiritual events I had been experiencing, were related, and conveyed an important message. During the Thanksgiving Holiday I had an urge that came out of the clear blue, for I had not even given the slightest consideration to doing it: I read my journal of spiritual experiences. As I did, I noticed a pattern develop, and after reviewing my journal several times, it became very clear to me that I must begin research to understand why I knew deep within me, certain lessons in the Bible could not possibly be of God or Jesus, and I did just that.
However, every ancient biblical resource I decided to study did not reveal any of the answers I had been searching for. Finally, in early 2008, a resource manifested, which I did not find on my own; it literally, so to speak, dropped into my lap, and it contained many of the answers I had been searching for. When I finished studying it, another manifested in the same manner as the first, which contained more of the answers I had been searching for, and when I finished studying it, another manifested in the same manner, and that happened several times. When all was said and done, I had all the answers I had been searching for, and those answers confirmed beyond doubt, I had been absolutely correct: certain lessons in the Bible are not of God or Jesus.
During the third quarter of 2008 I began to post some of the knowledge I gained from my research, as it pertained to the content of the King James and Catholic Bibles, and shortly thereafter I began to receive hate emails and computer virus attacks. By mid-2010, they became so numerous I began to doubt the message I felt had been given to me through my spiritual experiences, and I thought about no longer posting my research on the Internet.
But I had second thoughts about that, so I decided to include in my daily prayers, a prayer asking God to provide me with a physical sign which would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the work I am doing is of His Will. After two and a half weeks of praying that prayer, I received that sign on July 27th.
The sign came in the form of an email from a husband and wife evangelist team. I had no idea they existed, nor did they know I existed, for more than 8000 nautical miles separate us. I decided to open the email because of this information contained in the subject line, written exactly like this:


and the heading of the first paragraph read exactly like this:


And the first sentence said, “Although God’s testing seems difficult, bitter and unpleasant to undergo, it is the only means by which God approves His children for greater things and positions.” The rest of the message is personal, but it absolutely proved to me, the work I am, and have been doing, is of His will.
I still receive emails from the husband and wife evangelist team, from time to time, and each email has always addressed an issue I had been dealing with the day before, and twice the email not only addressed the issue I had been dealing with, it did it with absolute laser perfect accuracy.
I feel blessed and humbled beyond words to have received the guidance that has been bestowed upon me, and to have my prayers requesting a physical sign, answered. Needless to say, shortly after receiving that email, I made the decision to dedicate the rest of my life to biblical research, and the sharing of the knowledge I gain.


Before disclosing everything about the second physical sign I received, I want to share with you that I had not prayed for its manifestation. On July 12th, 2012, at 12:25 AM, I sat straight up in bed from a sound sleep, and looked toward the living room. Immediately I focused on a bright white light that was brightest at the center. The bright center steadily grew larger, and rapidly increased to a bright white intensity like I had never seen before, and in an instant it was gone. I laid my head back down on the pillow, and I must’ve fallen right back to sleep, because the next thing I knew it was 4:50 AM, and time to get up. However, instead of getting right up as I normally do, I stayed in bed for a bit, enjoying a deep peaceful feeling I felt within me, and I had known that feeling once before. It came about in June of 2004, beginning at 10 PM, when an angel visited me, and I disclosed that visit in the first physical sign.
While recalling the peaceful feeling I enjoyed during the angel’s visit, which matched the feeling I woke up with, I remembered seeing the bright white light in the living room, and right at that moment I heard in the top center of my head, “Jesus came to you.”
I didn’t think anything more of it until I opened my email about an hour later, which is when I received my 2nd humbling, physical sign, and I must also share that I found it to be extremely uplifting! My inbox contained an email from the husband and wife evangelist team who had sent the first physical sign to me in 2010, and it said:

“Coming again is one of the significant strategies of our Lord Jesus Christ. He comes again to that which is import and special to Him, and He comes with more greater power to perform more greater miracles, signs and wonders. You are so special and very important to the Lord your Redeemer; so to this effect, we are very much humbled and honoured to alert you that the Lord Almighty God has again come over to you to help you!!! He has officially assigned us to announce to you that He has significantly and strategically on this day come again to you and to your household with another greater wave of the glorious Power and Anointing of His Spirit to enhance and perfect you in a way you have never known before!!! Therefore, recompose your hope, courage and faith. For news about His work in you will spread through the whole countryside for His glory.”

The significance of the timing for Jesus’ visit on July 12th, 2012, did not sink in until the early morning of November 6th, 2012, when I was given what I believe had been a spiritual push to bring it into focus. I received a simple correspondence which stated, “Open your heart to Jesus.”
I began to respond by letting the sender know I had absolutely done that, by recounting the appearance Jesus made to me on July 12th. When I wrote down 7/12/12 at 12 AM, I felt my body sort of jerk into a straight up sitting position, then, without thinking about doing it, I focused all of my attention on the numbers I had just written, and this immediately came to mind:

July is the 7th month, and God’s number is 7
The 12th day is for the 12 Apostles
The 12th year is for the 12 Tribes of Israel the Apostles came from, and
the 12 of 12:25 AM is for the 12 Pillars of
Jesus’ Church, who are His 12 Apostles

The moment the significance of the information completely settled within my mind, major chills covered every inch of my body. Those who have experienced visitations by the invisible, have at one time or another had chills, which are also referred to as goosebumps. Chills can manifest when the invisible are nearby, and they can also appear as spiritual confirmation to an event that is taking place, or just took place.
I have wondered why, in all the time that had passed by since July 12th, I had not put that information together on my own; nor had I thought about the fact that Jesus’ visit came in the same month, two years after I had received the first physical sign. I can’t begin to tell you how very humbling, yet also extremely exhilarating, it has been to be blessed by God and His Son in the ways that I have, and I am so very thankful to our Heavenly Father for choosing me to do the work that I am, and have been doing.


The third physical sign from God, manifested the morning of July 11, 2014, and it absolutely humbled me beyond words, but it also filled me with a great deal of joy and excitement.
When it occurred, I had been in the midst of completing the last chapter of a book God told me in April 2000, I would write, and I had thought often the manner in which it should be published. On July 8th, 2014, I began to include in my daily prayers, a prayer asking God to provide to me guidance for the publishing of His and His Son’s book, and I say Their book, for They led me to the resources that made the writing possible. I asked Him to please provide a physical sign in which I could not mistake its meaning.
When I woke at 4:55 AM, I immediately thought about how I would obtain an ISBN, if my guidance turned out to be self-publishing; I should add, I did not know why that thought came into my mind at that time, for my mind is normally on other things when I wake. However, be that as it may, I received an answer at 9:45 AM, which told me why, upon waking, that thought had been in my mind, and at the same time, I received angel confirmation, chills, that the answer came from God.
At 9:45 AM, while creating a document in MS Word 2003, which is the version I prefer to use, the computer seemed to suddenly go into a suspended state, and MS Word was the only program I had opened. I do not use that computer to access the Internet, as it is very slow, although it does have Internet access through the network. Being the computer started to act as it did, I wondered what could be working in the background that would cause it to do such, so I sat back in my chair, just looking at the monitor for a bit, when all of a sudden an Internet page appeared, and the page contained information and a link to obtain a free ISBN - nothing else.
After absorbing for a few minutes, the image on the monitor, I came to this conclusion: God had answered my prayer and provided the unmistakable physical sign I had asked for; the physical sign being the free ISBN that materialized out of the clear blue. Why was it the physical sign? If I were to seek a publisher, I would not need a free ISBN, or any ISBN for that matter. I would need such only if I were to self-publish.
A short while later another revelation came to me: the 1st physical sign I received from God to confirm I am doing His will, came at 3:55 PM, 7/27/2010, and the 2nd came 7/12/12 @ 12:25 AM; and now a 3rd physical sign, which came at 9:45 AM, on 7/11/2014.
I believe there is significance to the fact that all these signs, 2 years apart, occurred in the month of July, why? July is the 7th month, and 7 is God’s number. I firmly believe the consistency for the timing of these messages, is to put to rest any argument that any one of these physical signs could have been a coincidence. And I know that issue does not apply to me, for God knows I personally do not believe in coincidences, as I know every event has a purpose to it.
I should add another significant factor to this accounting: the free ISBN Internet page came up again 2 more times during July, 3 times in August, and one last time during the first week of September - that is 7 times in all, which is God’s number. As of the date of the publishing of this eBook, the free ISBN Internet page, has not manifested again.



Lionel Christopher Parkinson, a Questioned Document Examiner and Author of The Holy Virus, wrote: “The fundamental rule in the engagement of rational thought is that if your basic premise is wrong, then all specifics that follow in your chain of reasoning are also flawed. In fact, they are worthless. To build a case with an array of seemingly persuasive points is meaningless if one's starting point is flawed.”
With that being stated, it is absolutely imperative that I solidly establish my basis. Since 2008, I have been told by numerous Christians of many denominations that they have issues with certain lessons contained in the King James and Catholic Bibles, which need to be investigated to determine accuracy. To be fair, there are other Christians, although they have been lesser in number, who have vehemently defended that the Bible is perfect as written.
To objectively and honestly find truth, one must utilize multiple resources to resolve an issue, which is a practice steadfastly maintained by police detectives and prosecuting attorneys: they explore numerous avenues to determine the guilt or innocence of a suspect. The same regimen must be applied when investigating inconsistencies within the Bible, which can be accomplished through the research and study of any and all available biblical resources, to discover through proper due diligence, the necessary evidence to resolve those lessons within the Bible that are diametrically opposed.
Do the King James and Catholic Bibles contain diametrically opposed lessons, as many Christians believe? The Verses that follow, certainly indicate they do. 

Exodus, Chapter 24, Verses 1 through 3, tell us the Lord gave Moses words, which in Verse 4, Moses wrote all the words of the LORD, and then in Verse 7, he took the book of the covenant, and read in the audience of the people, and in Verse 8, Moses took the blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said, Behold the blood of the covenant, which the LORD hath made with you concerning all these words. In addition, there are several Verses within Exodus 29, which provide the blood sacrifice rituals the Lord purportedly gave to Moses, that are applied to the corresponding law He gave, for the atonement of sin.

The Exodus blood covenant Verses, and the blood sacrifice laws, convey a very clear message. However, Isaiah, Chapter 1, tells us something very different. In Isaiah 1, Verse 4, we are told the Lord said to Isaiah, Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters. Then in Verse 11 the Lord said to Isaiah, To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats

The statement the Lord made to Isaiah in Verse 11, certainly contradicts the Exodus blood covenant, and the blood sacrifice laws, doesn’t it? Then in Verse 12, the Lord asks Isaiah, who hath required this at your hand? Well, Exodus 24, Verses 1 through 4, tell us the Lord gave that command, and Verses 10 through 42, in Exodus 29, also identify the Lord as giving the command, so which is correct: the information in Isaiah, Chapter 1, or the claims made in Exodus, Chapters 24 and 29? 
Isaiah is not the only Book of the Old Testament wherein God contradicts the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice laws of Exodus 29. Jeremiah, Chapter 7, and specifically Verse 22, tells us the Lord said to Jeremiah, I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices. We now have two prophets who told us the Lord did not command burnt offerings or sacrifices. 
The Book of Daniel also contradicts the blood sacrifices of the Law, through prophecies which Jesus fulfilled that are in Chapter 8, Verse 11, and Chapter 9, Verse 27. This is now the third prophet who wrote lessons that contradict the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice Laws of Exodus 29, as both of these Daniel prophecies crystallize the fact the Messiah will end the daily sacrifice. 

In Daniel 8:11, we are told the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and Daniel 9:25 identifies the prince of the host when it states, to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince. We all know Jesus is the Messiah, and in Daniel 9:27 we are told, in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. By the way, I have calculated the time given in prophecy in Daniel 9:27, and I can tell you that Jesus did in fact end the daily sacrifice, right on time, as foretold, “in the midst of the week.”

There is no question the King James and Catholic Bibles contain lessons that are truly of God, and His Son, but based upon the glaring inconsistency I brought to your attention, there is also a very strong probability the Bibles contain deceit, and that factor provides an absolute basis upon which one should launch an investigation to determine that which is truth. 
Being the blood covenant and blood sacrifice laws in Exodus, are diametrically opposed to lessons in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, it brings to question the validity of the lessons preached by apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, which claim Jesus had been a blood sacrifice to redeem mankind from their sins.
Debate could go on and on and on, as to which lessons in the Books of the Old Testament that I brought to your attention, are of God, and those which are of men. Those who study the content of this book, and the resources provided, will know beyond a shadow of a doubt: which lessons within the King James and Catholic Bibles are of God; and which lessons are of men. In addition, they will know the new laws that should have been included in the King James and Catholic Bibles, which Jesus gave to mankind in fulfillment of the Jeremiah 31:31 prophecy, “Saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah.”


In addition to establishing a basis which crystallized the fact there are obvious diametrically opposed lessons within the King James and the Catholic Bibles, I must also establish the protocol I will employ, that will identify which of the contradicting lessons, within the aforementioned Bibles, are absolutely of God, and Jesus, and those that are not. The ancient biblical resources that fulfill that need are the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and ‘The Clementine Homilies.’
The Nazarene Way (footnote is here to referenced resource) tells the reader the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Jesus’ Gospel, translated from the Aramaic, is one of the most ancient and complete fragments of the Jewish Christian Movement. Based upon historical records, Apostle John recorded his Master’s Gospel while incarcerated (footnote is here to referenced resource). Once completed, he made it known to the other Apostles, and then to protect it from falsification, a trusted disciple took the Gospel to hide it in a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet. Proof the Apostles would have taken such a precaution is in Chapter II of Apostle Peter’s epistle to Jesus’ brother, James, that is within ‘The Clementine Homilies.’
Historical records (footnote is here to referenced resodurce) disclose Fr. Placidus, when visiting the Buddhist Tibetan Monastery during the 1870’s, where the Gospel had been hidden, asked if he could bring the fragments to Church Authorities in Rome, and they agreed. Placidus, in the time it took him to travel back to Rome, translated some of the Gospel into Latin, which he read to a gathering of Cardinals. However, when the Cardinals became aware of the fact the Gospel contained doctrine that had not been approved by the First Council of Nicaea, 325 AD, they chose not to make it known; the reason being: they feared public knowledge of doctrine the Gospel contained, which had not been authorized by the Council, would have an adverse effect on the Church, and they decided the fragments should be secreted within Vatican archives.
Fortunately, numerous fragments, over a period of time, were passed on by Emmanuel Swedenborg, Anna Kingsford, Edward Maitland, and Fr. Placidus (footnote is here to referenced resource), and per a biography written by Samuel Hopgood Hart, Reverend G. J. R. Ouseley, structured the Gospel of the Holy Twelve from the translated fragments.
I mentioned ‘The Clementine Homilies’ , which is an extremely important ancient writing of Clement of Rome, a Church Father who had been personally trained in Jesus’ Doctrine by Apostle Peter. Further to that fact, Peter appointed Clement to be a Church Father, and in addition to an epistle from Apostle Peter to Jesus’ brother, James, and an epistle from Clement to James, it also contains a record of the lessons Apostle Peter preached. Why is it an extremely important writing? Because of the information contained within the epistles, plus this significant factor: the messages of the lessons Apostle Peter preached, mirror the messages of the lessons recorded by Apostle John, in Jesus’ Gospel.
By cross referencing the King James Bible, KJV, and the Catholic Bible, Douay Version, with the Gospel of the Holy Twelve and ‘The Clementine Homilies,’ one can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, even though this information is not disclosed in the New Testament, the fact that Jesus did preach often that he would end the bloody sacrifices of the law. The information contained in the aforementioned writings, also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice laws of Exodus 29, are not of God, but of men to suit their needs and traditions.
By the way, I utilized the King James Bible, KJV, and the Catholic Bible, Douay Version, in my studies, as they are less corrupt than some of the newer versions.

The wording of Verses within the King James Bible, KJV, that I will be addressing, conveys the same message as the corresponding Verse in the Douay Version of the Catholic Bible, and it does so, even though the Douay wording may be slightly different. With that being stated, I want to make clear that I will most often reference Verses within the King James Bible, KJV.
Jesus, as did prophets before Him, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, preached against the blood sacrifice, yet the blood sacrifice is a prominent part of the Christian religion. Why do I state such? Many lessons within apostle to the Gentiles, Paul’s epistles, convey a clear message that Jesus’ crucifixion had been a blood sacrifice to redeem mankind from their sins, and those epistles constitute 66% of the King James and Catholic Bible New Testaments.
In Chapter 1, I identified the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice rituals and laws in Exodus 29, and I also I identified the diametrically opposing lessons in the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel. At this time I will present evidence that absolutely proves which of those conflicting lessons are of God, and those that are not.
Jesus, in His Gospel recorded by Apostle John, the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, preached often that He came to end the bloody sacrifices of the law, and one such example is in Lection 28:3, when Jesus told a certain young man:
Ye believe that Moses indeed commanded such creatures to be slain and offered in sacrifice and eaten, and so do ye in the Temple, but behold a greater than Moses is herein and he cometh to put away the bloody sacrifices of the law, and the feasts on them, and to restore to you the pure oblation and unbloody sacrifice as in the beginning, even the grains and fruits of the earth.
I mentioned in Chapter 2, ‘Other Resources,’ the fact that ‘The Clementine Homilies’ contains a record of the doctrine Apostle Peter preached, and I stated the messages of lessons Peter preached, mirror the messages of lessons Jesus preached, as recorded by Apostle John. Homily III, Chapter LVI, of the doctrine Peter preached, addresses one of the many instances in which he taught the blood sacrifices in the Temple, were not of God:
But to those who affirmed that He [Jesus] was in the temple, He said, ' Swear not by heaven, for it is God's throne; nor by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet: And to those who supposed that God is pleased with [blood] sacrifices, He said, God wishes mercy, and not [blood] sacrifices.
Being Jesus’ lesson in Lection 28, and Peter’s lesson in Homily III, make clear the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice rituals and laws in Exodus 29, are not of God, they also crystallize the fact that the Old Testament contains deceit. Further to that, Jesus confirmed that fact in Lection 64:11, when He told His chosen Twelve:
Verily I say unto you, my twelve whom I have chosen, that which hath been taught by them of old time is true—though corrupted by the foolish imaginations of men.
that which hath been taught by them of old time,” had been the Gospel of Jesus’ time, and it is now known as the Old Testament. Apostle Peter also preached many lessons, which made clear the Gospel of his time, contained scripture that is not of God, and one example is in Homily III, Chapter IV:
Let not any one of you, therefore, altogether complain of Simon, or of any one else; for nothing happens unjustly, since even the falsehoods of Scripture are with good reason presented for a test.
I have now established the Old Testament contains deceit, and the same holds true for the New Testament. Jesus, in Lection 44:7 told His chosen Twelve:
But there shall arise after you, men of perverse minds who shall through ignorance or through craft, suppress many things which I have spoken unto you, and lay to me things which I never taught, sowing tares among the good wheat which I have given you to sow in the world.
Evidence I am about to share will confirm the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy, but based upon lessons contained in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and in ‘The Clementine Homilies,’ I did not find any indication of it having been done through ignorance. All the evidence I uncovered, unmistakably demonstrates all changes which suppressed things Jesus taught, and attributed to Him things He did not teach, had been implemented through craft.
Apostle John recorded His Master’s Sermon on the Mount, which is in Lection 25, and Verses 8 and 9 contain very important information, and the corresponding lessons in the King James Bible, KJV, are in Matthew 5:17-19, but as you will see, significantly important parts are missing from Matthew 5:18 and 19.
8. Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law or the prophets till all be fulfilled. But behold One greater than Moses is here, and he [Jesus] will give you the higher law, even the perfect Law, and this Law shall ye obey.
9. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these commandments which he [Jesus] shall give, and shall teach men so, they shall be called the least in the kingdom; but whosoever shall do, and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of Heaven.
Now let’s take a look at that section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, as it is written in Matthew 5:17-19. Please note that the wording in Verse 17 is the same as it is in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and so is Verse 18, but with an exception: the very important statement Jesus made, But behold One greater than Moses is here, and he will give you the higher law, even the perfect Law, and this Law shall ye obey,” is missing from Verse 18. 
17. Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
18. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
19. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
Next please note Jesus’ statement in Verse 9 of His Gospel, which states, “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these commandments which he [Jesus] shall give,” as it compares to Verse 19 of Matthew 5, “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so.” Thru craft, the authors removed, “But behold One greater than Moses is here, and he will give you the higher law, even the perfect Law, and this Law shall ye obey,” and through craft the authors eliminated Jesus from Verse 19. Why do I state, “thru craft?”  For four reasons:
1 – Being Jesus had preached against the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice laws in Exodus 29; and 
2 - being the authors wanted to maintain the integrity of the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice laws in Exodus 29; and 
3 - being the authors obviously had a plan they would implement to maintain the blood covenant of Exodus 24, and the blood sacrifice laws in Exodus 29; they had to eliminate the fact Jesus gave new laws, which He did in fulfillment of the Jeremiah 31:31 prophecy; and
4 - the elimination of the fact Jesus gave new laws, and the elimination of Jesus from Verse 19, gives the reader but one option when they read Verse 19: they must refer to Hebrew Law of the Old Testament.
* * *
Evidence I have thus far shared, clearly demonstrates Jesus’ Doctrine has been modified, and evidence also makes clear modifications took place during the 20th Century, for when one compares the Verses within the King James Bible, RSV, and NIV, to the Verses within the KJV (footnote is here to referenced resource), they will find missing Verses, and they will also learn that Jesus’ importance in Christianity, has been diminished.
In addition, I shared evidence in the ‘Preface,’ which crystallizes the fact that attempts to alter it yet again, are being made in the 21st Century, but when did the alterations to Jesus’ Doctrine actually begin? Based upon information in Apostle Peter’s epistle to James, within ‘The Clementine Homilies,’ it took place even as Peter preached it, and that worried him greatly.
In Chapter I, Peter asked James to not give the Gentiles the books of his preachings, until it had been found that they were worthy to receive such. It is my opinion, based upon information within ‘The Clementine Homilies,’ those books contained the lessons Jesus had taught, which Peter had written down, or had dictated to someone to write down. Scribes would have made copies, and those “books” would have been utilized by those initiated into the Christhood, to teach others. Then, in Chapter II, Peter informed James that his Master’s Doctrine he had recorded, was being altered, and fretted what would become of the Doctrine once he would no longer be here to protect it. Peter had another significant issue to deal with: Simon Magnus. In addition to openly challenging the doctrine Peter preached, Simon preached doctrine that contradicted Peter.