HISTORICAL EVIDENCE IN COMBINATION WITH: Jesus’ Doctrine recorded by Apostle John, which is known as the Gospel of the Holy Twelve; plus the KJV Old Testament; plus The Clementine Homilies [resource links at end of article], all make it very clear Paul, a/k/a Pharisee Saul, is not a bonafide apostle. Before digging into the supporting evidence, I want to bring to your attention that Roman Emperor Constantine, endorsed the doctrine Paul preached, and that act eliminated from authorized church doctrine, the Laws Jesus preached, which were contradictory to Hebrew Laws Paul preached, and the laws Paul preached had their beginnings in Genesis and Exodus.

HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION reveals that both Pharisee Saul, a/k/a Paul, and Constantine, had blood thirsty characteristics [resource links at end of article]. Saul’s inhumane ways are attested to in Acts, as well as in other writings. Constantine’s brutal characteristics are well known through numerous writings that are readily available, which revolve around his life and reign. Given that common thread between them, I find it very interesting that both of these men had a significant impact upon the doctrine preached today, in churches around the world.

It’s important at this time to share background information regarding the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and The Clementine Homilies:

THE GOSPEL OF THE HOLY TWELVE: Early Church Fathers wrote about this Gospel, although they identified it as being a “lost Gospel,” and they proclaimed it contained Jesus’ original Doctrine. That Gospel had several names attributed to it at the time, one of which had been the Gospel of the Nazarenes, and the early Church Fathers declared that the Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke were all based upon it.

Through my intense studies of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and the Gospel According to John [KJV], I am convinced that John is also based upon the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, for I learned that many Verses within the Gospel According to John, are word for word, or close to being word for word, of Verses that convey the same accounting within in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve. The wording in other versions of the King James Bible, do not match the wording of the same accountings recorded in the KJV.

Apostle John wrote the Gospel of the Holy Twelve while incarcerated, and once completed, he ordered a trusted individual to hide it, and he did so to protect it from falsification; proof that “fear of falsification” would have driven him to hide it in a safe place, can be found in Chapter H of Apostle Peter’s Epistle to Apostle James, within The Clementine Homilies. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve was discovered in 1870, and was translated by Rev. Ouseley. However, when the Vatican learned that it contained doctrine which had not been authorized by the First Council of Nicaea 325 AD, they locked it away in their vault. Thankfully, one or more copies of the translation, made its way into the hands of the public.

THE CLEMENTINE HOMILIES: it is a writing which contains one of Apostle Peter’s epistles, plus a record of the doctrine he preached, and those lessons he preached, mirror the doctrine recorded within the Gospel of the Holy Twelve.

HISTORICAL EVIDENCE: It is well documented that Pharisee Saul attacked Apostle James while he was preaching Jesus Doctrine in a synagogue, and left him for dead. Why would he have attacked James, and why would he have searched for Christian Jews who followed Jesus teachings? The reason is glaringly apparent: Jesus preached against the revered Hebrew Laws I mentioned earlier, which had their beginnings in Genesis and Exodus, and so did His Apostles, as well as those trained to preach their Masters Doctrine, and this can be verified through Old Testament prophecies which Jesus fulfilled [resource links at end of article].

Jesus knew someone would preach doctrine in His Name, and told His Apostles such when He stated in Lection 89:9, “And yet another shall arise and he shall teach many things which I have taught you already, and he shall spread the Gospel among the Gentiles with great zeal. But the keys of the Kingdom will I give to those who succeed thee in my Spirit and obeying my law.”

That’s an extremely important statement, for history makes it absolutely clear Pharisee Saul had not obeyed Jesus’ Law, and when one couples that evidence with this statement Jesus made to His Apostles in Lection 21:9, “And I say unto you, Though ye be gathered together in my bosom, if ye keep not my commandments I will cast you forth,” it becomes crystal clear Jesus certainly would not have appointed Pharisee Saul to an apostleship. Jesus emphatically preached against hypocrites, and in view of the statements He made to His Apostles, He would certainly be a hypocrite if He set aside those aforementioned statements, and appointed Pharisee Saul to an apostleship.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Paul also claimed to have been appointed to an apostleship by God. That too is a boldfaced lie, for Jesus’ Apostles were good, just men who had been given to Him by His Father, and in view of the aforementioned statements Jesus made in Lection 89:9 and 21:9, does it make any sense at all that Jesus’ Father would override Him, and appoint Saul to an apostleship? That would be hypocrisy, and as I already mentioned, Jesus preached against hypocrisy.

Jesus also stated in Lection 44:7, “But there shall arise after you, men of perverse minds who shall through ignorance or through craft, suppress many things which I have spoken unto you, and lay to me things which I never taught, sowing tares among the good wheat which I have given you to sow in the world.” Pharisee Saul certainly did, through craft, preach in Jesus’ Name, things Jesus did not preach, and one cannot state it was through ignorance, for he had been thoroughly trained in the Hebrew Laws he defended, which Jesus had preached against.

Unfortunately, Roman Emperor Constantine, when he convened and presided over the First Council of Nicaea 325 AD, endorsed the doctrine Paul preached, and the true doctrine preached by Jesus and His disciples, went by the wayside. Historical documents tell us that before convening the Council, Constantine ordered all of Jesus’ Doctrine known to be in circulation, confiscated, and they also tell us that he ordered that doctrine destroyed after the Council adjourned. However, I should also point out that some historical documents state Emperor Theodosius ordered them destroyed; be that as it may, they were destroyed. Thankfully, Apostle John had taken the steps he did to protect his Master’s Doctrine from falsification.


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