The Anointing - Russell Maddock
About three weeks after I surrendered my life over to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit came to me while at work, and gave me a very clear message: remove all unclean things from inside my house, and place them outside. I knew exactly what I had to do when I got home.
Message from the Lord - Russell Maddock
I wanted to share information given to me by the Holy Spirit, which took place about one year after the anointing. One morning while on my first break at work, and reading a book a friend gave me, the Holy Spirit came: She told me to put the book down, and open my bible to Acts.
Conformation from the Lord – Russell Maddock
Not long after being told to open my bible to Acts, and learning the message the Lord wanted to make known to me, the Holy Spirit gave me another message, but this time it came about while in prayer during brake time. As I started to pray, the Holy Spirit fell upon me in a mighty way, and I began to weep from the Holy presence of God's Spirit. This is what was spoken.
The Anointing – Paul Maddock
God anointed me in the late summer of 1993, and God’s super natural act of upon my life, dramatically changed me forever. Even now, when I think about it, I am amazed by His great power, mercy and love, for God chose to anoint me when I had been in extremely troublous times.
I Have Chosen You – Paul Maddock
The Holy Spirit moved upon me with great power to teach me about the anointing, and the calling upon my life. In the summer of 1996, the Holy Spirit woke me out of a sound asleep, and this happened three separate nights, and each time I had been given the same message: read 1Samuel Chapter 17.
Divine Protection - Russell Maddock
The Holy Spirit gave me this dream approximately 15 years ago. It had been night time in this dream, and I saw myself enter a party store. Even though it was a dark setting in the dream, at no time did I have any problem seeing that which I was to witness, and there is no doubt the darkness had been symbolic of a condition.
My Two Witnesses - Paul Michael Maddock
The Holy Spirit gave me this dream on 3-1-97. It began at my father’s house, and children were playing in the back yard. Suddenly, I knew the children were in great danger, and ran outside. Almost immediately I saw a large venomous serpent, about twenty feet, striking at the children.
Flimsy Platform - Russell Maddock
This is first dream I had been given by the Holy Spirit, which came long before I come to know Jesus Christ, as the Lord of my life. It was given several times, and it had always been exactly the same. In this dream, I was shown a flimsy platform, and I could see a man trying to console a group of 50 or so people.
The Lighthouse a Safe Haven from the Storm – Paul Maddock
I received this vision from the Holy Spirit in the fall of 1995, shortly after lunch at my place of work. I was shown a great and terrible nighttime storm upon the sea, and the ocean water was a dirty brownish black in color. I could see three vessels caught in this great storm, and all three were frantically sounding their distress whistles, hoping for help.
The Three Storms Upon the Market Place – Paul Maddock
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, begins as my son and I are headed to the market place, and when we arrived a very powerful storm developed. As soon as were inside, I heard the Holy Spirit say: Get up against the outer wall for safety……...
Two Poisonous Serpents – Russell Maddock
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, is about a fight with a powerful and deadly serpent. In the dream I was shown my dad sitting in a chair with his back to me, with the porch door open about a third of the way. At this point, a serpent of about 24 inches in length slithered into……..
The Bad Fruit Exposed and Taken Away - Paul Maddock
The Holy Spirit gave me this dream on October 10th 1996, to warn Gods children they must bring forth fruits of righteousness, or be cut off. The dream began at the church where the Lord had sent me to inspect the fruit. As I was going about my work I noticed…………
The Recipe – Paul Maddock
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, begins while I’m at work, following a recipe exactly as given to me. I went to the refrigerator get an ingredient I needed, and while my back was turned to the stove, I heard a strange hissing noise………..
Wedding Banquet and the Five Foolish Virgins - Russell Maddock
This dream given to me by the Holy Spirit has much meaning. While riding in the back of a car and looking out the right rear side window I saw a long white limousine parked where the missing gas pumps should have been. A young woman dressed in a white wedding gown, stood beside the open rear door……….
People in an Elevator and a Little Boy – Russell Maddock
In this dream given nearly twenty years ago by the Holy Spirit, I was shown standing on an upper floor waiting for an elevator. When the doors opened I saw people dressed in different ethnic clothing, and a little boy looking directly at me asked, “Who is the King?”
The Defiled Bride and Judgment Day – Paul Maddock
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, begins as I look out upon a very large body of people. They all were facing forward, and there was distinct invisible line that separated them from me. I sensed I gad great authority and power to keep order, and I was holding a rod with symbols all in gold............
The Death of Eli - Paul Maddock
The Holy Spirit gave me this vision while I was still awake. I was spending the night at my brother, Russell’s house, and about five minutes lying down to go to sleep, I felt a presence of a great power: I cannot explain it, but I could truly feel it. Then with my eyes closed……..
The Blood Red Jacket – Russell Maddock
My brother, Paul and I have known for quite some time Jesus did not come to shed his blood for the remission of all of mankind’s sins. In the dream, I was going to remove the blood stained jacket, which is the false doctrine taught and believed by many. The casually dressed young man knew I was coming, and he was there to stop me from doing that which I had been sent to do.
The Lighthouse a Safe Haven from the Storm – Paul Maddock
I received this vision from the Holy Spirit in the fall of 1995, shortly after lunch at my place of work. I was shown a great and terrible nighttime storm upon the sea, and the ocean water was a dirty brownish black in color. I could see three vessels caught in this great storm, and all three were frantically sounding their distress whistles, hoping for help.
Basket of Summer Fruit - Paul Maddock
This dream was given to me in 1994, and it began as I walked in a field of tall grass. I could see in the field, a very large new blacktop parking lot without lines for parking areas: just shiny new blacktop. I knew this field very well, as our house over looks a small lake with the large field across the lake from us. I remember in the dream that the blacktop area did not belong in that beautiful field.
The Defiled Bride Embraces the Antichrist and the Beast System Paul Maddock
This dream set the stage for my brother’s and my understanding. My ex-wife is a symbol used many times over by the Holy Spirit, as the defiled bride of Christ. I am depicted in this dream as an observer and true believer in the genuine teaching of Jesus, which are in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and we’ve received many such dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit, as this one, that line up perfectly with its teaching.
The Black Cow – Paul Maddock
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, concerns the sinful condition of the defiled bride: a church called by Christ’s name, but it has not been true to the teachings He gave to mankind. The defiled church followers are ignorant to the fact the killing of God’s creatures, and eating flesh, is a gross sin. I pray the information given through this dream will shed light on that very important fact.
Seven Promises – Russell Maddock
Seven promises were given to me at different times, a few years after the anointing took place.
The Fence and the Red Jacket - Russell Maddock
The Holy Spirit gave me this dream nearly twenty years ago. My brother and I were driving a stretch of very familiar road, very close to where we grew up. We came to a cross road and I turned left, and that is when extremely important information had been revealed.
Speaking for the Animals - The Dream of the Goose
Russell Maddock
In this dream given by the Holy Spirit, I could see myself casting a lure into the water that had no hooks. A Goose followed the lure back to me, and as it neared I could see yarn wound around its beak. I knelt down to try to help the Goose, and as I did, I telepathically heard it say: Will you please help me?
Christ Hidden Within – Paul Maddock
I received this dream from the Holy Spirit during the early morning hours of 3-9-97, and it began with my two brothers and I at our fathers summer home. My brother Robert came out of the basement with a glass jar containing about a 18 young turtles. I was shown a humane face among them, and I knew their time had come, to be set free………
UFO’s – Russell Maddock
About two years ago as I was getting ready to take a morning walk with Tootsie, my little Beagle friend, I went into the living room to turn the TV off. At that time CNN was broadcasting an amazingly exciting event, and they were getting ready to go to a live feed; I believe it was unfolding somewhere in Europe, or the Middle East. Shortly after the anointing, I had been given a message: to look to the east my son.
The Little Book
This dream given on 3-28-2014 by the Holy Spirit, began in a high-school I attended, and I could see a man coaching my son, which took place in an empty wing of the school, not in the gymnasium. I could sense that the coach was not happy with my being there…….
The True Authority Versus The False Authority
This dream given by the Holy Spirit, begins as I am driving on a freeway by myself, in my red truck.  I noticed in my rear view mirror a car coming fast upon me with flashing lights, and I could hear the siren blaring. Since I was driving the speed limit, so I had no reason to think the flashing lights were for me, but……….. 
                                              The Scoffer
This dream given by Holy Spirit, begins as I’m waiting to get on a bus. As the luggage was being loaded, I heard a man at the back end of the bus, speaking unfavorably toward us, and I saw a large dark colored beetle crawling toward him. The man did not see the large beetle approaching..…….
                                      The Dream of Eleanor
This dream, given through Holy Spirit, on December 6th, 2008, is about a friend lying in her casket. I am the only person who noticed what I’m about to share, I was the only one to react: as I looked upon Eleanor's lifeless body, she began to move ever so slightly…….
                                      The Storm of the Lord
The Holy Spirit gave this dream, May 27, 1996. I was shown a dark day with clouds hanging like grapes in the sky, and within I saw a very large, crimson red tornado with yellowish light. I was in the middle of a field with no place to run for safety, and …….
Hatred Toward the Genuine Teachings of Christ
This dream given on 2-3-1999, by Holy Spirit, began in an area resembling a football field. There were only two players, and the other player fought hard to keep me from getting into the end zone with the message the Lord has given…….
Out of the Depth of Darkness
This dream given through Holy Spirit began with a small group of people on a boat, all who were believers in the genuine teachings of Christ. We went to the lake, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to find survivors of a boat accident.
No Crown of Life
This dream, which is about the reincarnation of the soul, given by Holy Spirit in October of 1996. The dream begins as my dad’s brother, who had just recently passed away, told me he needed me to something he put away a long time ago……….
The Pedophile Priests Exposed
I received this dream by the Holy Spirit on March 9th 1996, which begins in a large market place, with two stories within the building. In the dream I stood by a pool and saw an evil powerful man holding a young boy…….
Cut Off the Withered Branch
This dream from Holy Spirit begins in my fathers house. While praying I was told to look outside, and I saw a flock of doves. I was told to get my weapon and shoot into the flock of doves. Feathers flew and one fell to the ground, and I saw the dove was an imposter…..
Where Satan’s Seat Is
This dream, which takes place at our uncle’s house, reveals through Holy Spirit’s guidance, some of the significant deception melded into God’s Word and Jesus’ Doctrine, by the wicked one, and it also reveals the manner in which it will be rectified through God’s two withnesses.
Leaving Babylon
This dream given on July 4th 1998 by Holy Spirit, begins in the market place, which means spiritual Babylon. I saw a woman I had known long ago, but something seemed very wrong…….
The Lair of Rebellion Exposed
I received this dream given by the Holy Spirit, on March 30th,1998, wherein a large, heavily load panel truck I was backing up to the receiving dock, suddenly sunk into the ground up to its frame, and exposed something both good and evil……………
Hunters Will Be Hunted
This dream given by Holy Spirit, is a very emotional dream for me to share, but it must be told! This dream reveals many truths regarding mom, dad, Russell and me, and how they affected all of us in very different ways.
The Woman of Folly and the Woman of Wisdom
This dream given by Holy Spirit on September 7th 1998 began in a huge church auditorium. A woman prophesied about the church, but it soon became apparent her motive was not righteous.
Three Women Dancing
Recently Holy Spirit revealed the meaning of the dream I had been given on August 8th, 1997. It began in a large church building filled with things you’d normally see in a large department store, and it also contained items usually seen in a church. In addition to all of that, I saw the Defiled Bride.
As It Was In The Days Of Noah
This dream, given by Holy Spirit, in the early morning hours of 3-11-2015, began in my old High School gymnasium, when people were getting ready for an assembly, and it soon became apparent the dream was about the Defiled Church, just before our Lord’s second return.
The Punishers
This recent dream given by Holy Spirit, and clarified thru Bible Verses, began while looking at a newspaper headline: “Woman’s dismembered body blamed on aliens.” At that point I became aware of the fact that children I’m related to were in grave danger. I rushed to them and found 2 grey aliens, about four and a half foot tall, standing behind them ……. 
Red Dragon
This dream was given by Holy Spirit on 5-3-2005, and I was shown three large red dragons outside of my house, and one was trying to force its way in: the Book of Revelations makes very clear who those dragons were, and the reason for the attack. 
Babylon’s Banquet
This dream given by Holy Spirit in February 1999, began at a Church banquet, and festivities really blossomed when a flashy couple entered. However something seemed drastically wrong, and Holy Spirit gave reasons for that fact thru Verses in Revelations, and other biblical resources.
The Head Director
This dream given by Holy Spirit in March 2003, began in a mental hospital, where I had worked. Employees abused patients, which I reported to the head director. Holy Spirit gave very crucial meaning to the dream, via Revelations Verses, and those in other books of the Bible.
The Ones That Don’t Belong
This revealing dream given and explained thru scripture by Holy Spirit, details biblical prophecies currently being fulfilled, but most important of all, it divulges an event that did not occur during the past 2000 years, but soon will, that announces Jesus’ Second Coming.
Warning: Punishment and Desolation
This dream given by Holy Spirit, is explained thru scripture in Revelations, which crystallizes the doctrine a soul must follow and obey to avoid the wrath foretold to, and recorded by Apostle John. VERY IMPORTANT: it is not the church doctrine authorized by the First Council of Nicaea, 325 AD.
Reconcile the Defiled Bride
The meaning of this dream given by Holy Spirit on February 21, 1997, still rings clear in my mind. There are 2 opposing doctrines of Jesus, one of which has been taught for over 2000 years. However the doctrine kept in darkness is now coming into the light, and that will bring the current Church age to an end. But before that happens........
The Dead Inner Man
This dream given by Holy Spirit, reveals through Old and New Testament lessons, the fact men selfishly hid, to suit their needs and traditions, information God had given through Holy Spirit, and sadly, that information is crucial to a soul’s salvation.
Set Free
Holy Spirit gave me this dream after being recently divorced and struggling with being alone. I did not have a woman and my flesh cried out to be satisfied. Lots of ways came into my mind to solve both, but I knew none could be pleasing to God. Thanks be to God, this dream set me free!
The Metal Tub & Three Minutes Till Seven
These 2 dreams given by Holy Spirit in 2003 covey knowledge that is crucial to a soul’s salvation. Men with a personal agenda to fulfill chose to hide that knowledge. Jesus and Apostle Peter deemed them to be children of the wicked one.
Interview: Russell and Paul Maddock
Russell and Paul Maddock reveal the emotional details of their anointings

In addition, Russell shares a prophetic dream given by Holy Spirit that brings to light in a very meaningful way, God’s and His Son’s love for all earthly creatures, and Paul shares an awake vision given by Holy Spirit that centered on Eli and Samuel, the last Judges of Israel, which details the manner in which it applies to the present day and age.