On June 18th, 2004 an angel came to me, and I will never forget that experience for as long as I live, for it brought about an extremely significant and lasting change in my life. Around 10:30 PM a noise in the bedroom woke me, and I thought my wife must be coming to bed. I rolled from my right side to my back to make sure, and it surprised me when I didn’t see her. I began to wonder what woke me when a sweet nutty type odor seemed to fill the room, something like the fragrance of Amaretto. That fragrance had wafted past my nose several times during the past couple of weeks in different places throughout our home, and whenever I tried to determine the source, I’d always lose the scent after taking a few steps.
I continued to lie on my back as I mulled the nutty fragrance over in my mind, and within a minute or two, without warning I felt a pressure sensation on the center of my lower lip. I focused all my attention on that manifestation, and the feeling that something was pushing down on my lip did not abate. A thought came to mind: “God is answering my prayers…He’s sent a spirit to me!” You see at the time I had been praying on a regular basis for Divine help to unconditionally love all life.
I decided to go with the flow to see what would happen. I had barely finished that thought when the pressure ever so gently, but insistently increased, and at that point I could discern the feel of fingertips on my lower lip. Simultaneous to that realization I felt my mouth slowly but surely begin to open…yet I felt no fear, only calmness.
It’s important at this time to point out why I think I did not feel any fear. When I say my morning and nightly prayers I ask God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit for Their protection. I ask Them to allow only those spirits of the highest light, and those who have my highest and best good in their intent, to communicate with me. I know in my heart that They do give me that protection, and that internal knowing had to be responsible for my calm and wonderment.
I cleared my mind and started to take slow, deep breaths to relax my body as much as possible, and at the conclusion of each breath it felt as though my body lifted a tiny bit off the bed. Each time I felt that lifting sensation I felt my head tilt back a little further, and my mouth opened just a little more. Once my head couldn’t go back any further and my mouth was fully open (my position at that point duplicated that of a person receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation), I felt a sensation permeate every inch of my body, sort of like something were sinking into me, and that is when I felt love like I’d never felt it before, which developed into a euphoric ecstasy.
I don’t know how long these sensations stayed with me, but they ended when I couldn’t overcome an urge to swallow. The moment I couldn’t resist any longer, the euphoria began to slowly dissipate, and as it did I felt as though my body were melting into the mattress. I can’t remember ever feeling so calm and totally at peace. I have no idea how much time passed when I felt the same initial sensation on my lower lip again, and all I can remember at that point is hoping like heck that I’d be fortunate enough to savor the same incredible, loving, euphoric sensations one more time. And I did!
Those two experiences left me in a blissful state that continues to this day. I am totally at peace with myself, and whenever I look at a fellow human being, I automatically do it from a completely different and very positive perspective: it doesn’t matter the gender, race, color or creed…I have a loving, peaceful feeling within me. I must add to that: now, whenever I meet a person, I feel love for them, like I’ve known them for a very long time.
I want you to understand that I am no one special; I merely prayed for Divine help to unconditionally love all life, and my prayer had been answered. And I’m not unique, for there are many who have given testimony to answered prayers. I firmly believe anyone who truly believes with all their heart, soul and mind, in God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, can experience Divine guidance and/or help.
There is something else that is important to keep in mind: had I not allowed myself to accept as a reality all the spiritual events I had experienced over the years; and had I not asked God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit for Their protection, as I mentioned earlier, I would not have accepted the sensation I felt on my lower lip, and have the confidence to go with the flow. I’m so very thankful I had the mind set that I had developed, for if I did not have it, I would have missed a most meaningful, wondrous and life changing experience.