Dr. David Levine:
You have claimed that you are the author of nine fictitious extraterrestrial messages, which you posted on the Internet as an experimental game in January 1995. We are openly challenging that claim, and categorically state that these messages are real. We want to point out to you that we have found overwhelming discrepancies in your claim of authorship. Our extensive studies on these nine ET messages have convinced us beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did not create them. We propose the following exercise if wish to prove your claim to authorship.
All you need do is demonstrate how sections 7, 8 and 9 of Message One were written, what they are supposed to reveal, and what the data in those sections actually relate to. We have already translated these sections, and would like to compare what we have learned, to whatever you claim is nothing more than data that you made up out of thin air.
It goes without saying that as we publish more information regarding what we have learned about and through these messages, and how we arrived at our conclusions, it will be easier for you to pretend that you created them. Therefore it is necessary for us to demand that you immediately provide for publication your version of the data that is found in the three sections as identified above. If you in fact are the creator of these messages, then providing such a description should be a “piece of cake.” Logic dictates that it should not take much more than a few minutes of your time to jot down just what message and/ or meaning you wanted to convey in these fictitious sections. If you do not respond to our challenge within one week of this publication, we will assume you are making a silent statement of “no contest.”
In closing, we would also appreciate knowing how you arranged for:
1.Dr. Bruce Cornet, for reasons unknown to him, to take a colleague and camcorder on an excursion during the night of May 17, 1997, to Wallkill River Valley, in New York State; to
2.Film an “Unidentified Flying Object” as it made several passes at him while flashing its lights in multiple mathematical sequences; and 
3.Pray tell, what inspired you to formulate the lighting sequences (Cornet Signal in the same mathematical system format that you used to write your nine fictitious ET messages?
We are anxiously awaiting your reply,
Wesley H. Bateman
Director Ra Research Society