Wesley H. Bateman and I got to spend the morning together on July 20th, 2005, at which time he introduced me to RAmathized music. I not only found this music to be very different from the traditionally recorded music, I also found it to be far more relaxing, and Wes explains why.
We also discussed the extraterrestrial messages that were received via radio telescope in 1995, the work he and his colleagues have done on them to date, the math behind solving the messages, and some the mind blowing information that they have uncovered. I learned, as you will, that based upon what he and his coworkers have gained from the messages up to this point in time, they are 100% convinced that these messages did in fact come from ET – he emphatically stated, “We HAVE BEEN contacted, and these messages are the smoking gun that the world has been looking for.”


Clips of Ramathized music will be available for your review in the near future, as well as the option to download, or order CD’s.