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Prior to January 31, 1995 nine messages were received on Earth from a highly intelligent extraterrestrial civilization on the 1420 MHz frequency. The people who received these messages kept them secret during the entire time an effort was made to translate them. It is obvious that their mission was to gain wealth and power from any unique technical or medical information that might be contained in the messages.
Failing to interpret the messages this group of people resorted to subterfuge. They posted the nine messages on the Internet as a “game,” and they did this under the guise of an experiment, which they said might help us understand how to translate any “real” messages that we might receive in the future from an actual extraterrestrial source.
The group that called itself the ”Contact Project” emphasized that the key to the translation of the messages was in how they were written. They asked the game players to concentrate on this particular problem, and not on what the messages actually said.
The messages remained on the Internet for about seven years. During that time the “game players” filled the site’s discussion page with their concepts, some of which were exceptional, while others were utter nonsense. Finally, just prior to shutting down the web site the deceivers told their faithful “game players” that the messages had been translated. Their explanation contained an alien story of “creation” that began with “bugs and worms crawling about on a slime covered planet that circled the star we call Tau Ceti.” The deceivers never published how the 81 tones that composed the nine messages told this fictitious story.
The first of the nine Extraterrestrial Messages is reproduced below, just as it was presented on the Contact Project web site. But there is an exception … each section of the message is separated by the “G” symbol.
From the Contact Project web site:

The original message consisted of 571 "characters", a long pause of 17.71 seconds, then a repeat of the sequence.
The characters below, which represent tones, are arranged by pitch. There were 19 unique tones in the original message. The tones are labeled A through S. A being the lowest tone, and S as the highest. Each tone lasts about 0.492 seconds. The entire sequence, including pause, took 298.61 seconds, or about 4 minutes and 59 seconds. The message was broadcast on a wavelength of 21 cm, the so-called "magic frequency".
Original Message (30-Jan-95):
It is our firm belief that those responsible for the Contact Project would have never initiated their Internet con if they knew that the basic means required to translate the E.T. messages already existed on the Earth. It's interesting to note that those means have been in existence since the fall of 1975, in the form of a natural system of mathematics, which has been named the “Ra System.”
The Ra System was actually rediscovered by Wesley Bateman during his study of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, which focused on the Pyramid's dimensions and geometry. He also learned that the Ra System was used in the design of the second and third largest pyramids of Giza, plus a number of other pyramids located elsewhere in Egypt. Additionally, the Ra System was also employed to establish the dimensions of the buildings, and the spatial lay out of the Pre Colombian cities of Teotihuacan and Palenque, Mexico; and likewise the buildings located on the Cydonia Plain on the planet Mars.
The relationships that the Ra System has with these ancient building sites will be revealed in the greatest degree of detail as our translation project progresses. It is important to point out that the Ra System is also the descriptive mathematical language of the “Crop Circles.”
Prior to the publication of what we learned from the nine E.T. messages, we “tested the water so to speak.” We sent information, which we had identified as proprietary and confidential to several well-known UFO research groups. Those groups included certain individuals that professed to be seeking the truth about UFO phenomenon, and the possible existence of extraterrestrial life.
Many of them chose to say nothing and scurried to distance themselves from us. Others made great efforts to gain as much information as they could without any strings attached. These groups totally rejected our demand that any and all information, especially information of a technical nature that came from the ET messages, would be given openly to the world. It then became obvious to us that these groups were motivated solely by greed and power.
Our next step, (for security reasons) was to spread our known data to numerous people throughout the world, people whom we knew to be of like mind. They were asked to send the information to others, along with the same request to pass it on, and on, and on. Our objective has been accomplished, and if the iron boot comes down upon our necks, others will keep the mission moving forward. The important aspect of this whole procedure … we don’t know who has this information now, or who will have it in the future, and what's more, we don’t want to know.
Presently we see no harm in sharing with the world the ability to understand a game that was posted on the Internet back in 1997, and remained there for seven years. Especially since it was a game that was said to be nothing more than nine fictitious messages, which came from an imaginary extraterrestrial source. Even so, I warn you, telling your neighbor the answers to the TV Guide crossword puzzle could be hazardous to your health.
Are these messages real, or are they only a game? You decide, we already have.
Since 1997, my colleagues and I have known that the Nine Messages that had been posted on the Internet as an “experimental game,” were in fact real messages … messages that were transmitted directly to the Earth from an extraterrestrial source. Furthermore, it is our present belief that the messages were transmitted from our moon, or from nearby space.
Initially, even though we were convinced that the messages were authentic, we felt we did not possess enough knowledge about them to convince others of their authenticity and importance. Nevertheless, what we knew in 1997 was posted on “Nefer’s Home Page,” located at Please be aware that even though the 1997 message data (still posted on that site) is somewhat informative, it is not to be considered totally accurate or complete.
Since 1997, considerable time, effort and money has been spent in further research, on both the Ra System of Mathematics and the Nine ET Messages. In 2002 we made a “breakthrough” that greatly enhanced our knowledge of both subjects. From this new perspective the Nine ET Messages have become coherent and explainable.
The work that we have completed thus far has been very revealing, but we are realistic about our limited intellect and resources. We are bringing what we have learned to public attention only to accelerate the translation of the messages. We feel that time is of the essence. There could very well be something contained within the messages that would disclose a date and location for physical contact with the ETs.
It is very obvious that our world and its life forms are in dire need of benevolent assistance. The messages indicate that this form of assistance is being freely offered by a highly advanced extraterrestrial culture. We think it would be stupid to ignore their offer.
The existence of the Ra System of Mathematics in ancient buildings found throughout our world, as well as the nine ET messages, tells us that the extraterrestrials have been observing this planet and its inhabitants for tens of thousands of years. We feel that it is time for the people of Earth to learn why these beings have been conducting their age old observations, and of course, why they chose to make contact with us in the manner that they most recently have.
There is no doubt in our minds that it's best for us to put out the welcome mat, and I can assure you this … they are not going away. The cat will soon be out of the bag, even if the messages have not been translated. Those in “authority,” who have known for many years without any doubt that extraterrestrials have been visiting us, and have gone to extremes to cover up this important fact, will find themselves no longer able to program the thinking of the populous at large … comprised of the people that they have tired and worn down. And you may ask, why would they do that … and the answer is simple as well as obvious. It is their overwhelming desire for power and wealth. In the end, what can they do but shake their fist at a clear blue sky.
There are many areas of our translation project that will have to be studied, and it is paramount that any new findings acquired from these collective studies must be provided to everyone who is engaged in the translation process.
Below are the areas of study in which we can provide a basic starting point.
1: Crop circles. 2: The Great Pyramid of Giza. 3: Other pyramids and buildings of ancient Egypt. 4: Teotihuacan, Mexico. 5: Palenque, 
Mexico. 6: Other Pre Colombian buildings located in the Western 
Hemisphere. 7: The artifacts found on the Cydonia Plain of the planet 
Mars. 8: Other items brought to our attention through the studies on the aforementioned items 1 thru 7, and / or the ET Messages.
It is necessary that the various divisions of study are directed by capable people who are fully aware of the “big picture,” and thus able to recognize the value of any information discovered in their particular area of research. In addition, they must have a comprehensive understanding as to how any information discovered can benefit the whole. It is extremely important that a means of rapid dissemination of all discoveries, to all participating groups and individuals, is created at the outset.
The development and the formation of these individual research groups will evolve as the translation project progresses.

Feedback will identify these key people that possess the knowledge of the subject, and the ability to manage one or more groups.
Existing individual web sites pertaining to these groups that are already linked to each other are being considered.
It is advised that a participant acquire one or more electronic calculators that has numerous memory registers. Scientific calculators, such as the HP S20 (or equivalent) will serve you well in this work.
Difficult calculations of cube root values can be done on line at:
A list of reference books and other sources of helpful information is being prepared, and will be posted as soon it has been completed.
A newsletter titled the “Scarab,” will be published to keep the researchers informed as to what is going on with the overall project. Individual groups might also publish their own newsletters, once it has been deemed practical and feasible to do so.

The Scarab is offered electronically at no cost. Registration is required. Feedback pertaining to material found in this publication is requested, and would be greatly appreciated.