Rods of Amon Ra and the Tau Ceti Con Game
Oversight Pertaining to Part 2

In Part 2 it was revealed that Message 1 contained 607.5 E.T. time units (.493827160 n.s.t.) and that Message 2 contained 874.8 tones.

The number of tones in Message 2 should have been converted to time units and compared to the number of time units that compose Message 1. This oversight is corrected below. The results are quite astonishing.

874.8 tones (Message 2) ÷ .493827160 n.s.t. (time unit track 1) = 1771.47. n.s.t. This result is 100 times the E.T. pause unit for track 2. That is 17.7147 n.s.t. and 17.7147 n.s.t. ÷ 36 = .492075 n.s.t. (E.T. time unit 2).

When the 1,771.47 time units in Message 2 are divided by the 607.5 time units in Message 1 the result is 2.916 units.

This answer (2.916) was immediately identified as the value of the ancient Egyptian unit of measure known as the “artaba.” The artaba actually consists of 29,160 cubic centimeters (centirams). You can verify the value of the artaba on the inter net.

In Message 1... section 2 the value of the artaba is stated again as the number of square  units in the E.T. square. That is GBBG or G 54 x 54 G = 2,916. sq units.

More will be said about the artaba, ancient Egypt and the E.T. square when Message 1 sections 2 and 3 are addressed in Part 7.

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