Part One of the first Extraterrestrial Message was presented to show that it is absurd to think that the nine messages are a fictitious game that was invented by a person named David Levine. 

Future parts of the translation content will contain sections that pertain to subject analysis and comments.
Hopefully you determined on your own that the ET source that created the information contained in Part One of the First Message designed it to be understood only after it was translated into Ra Mathematical terms.
Think about this for a moment. If Mr. Levine knew of the existence of the Ra System of Mathematics, and so brilliantly used it to write these messages … why wouldn’t he tell his “game players” about the System when he terminated the “Contact Project,” and take the credit for such a remarkable achievement?
It is quite clear to me and the Ra research team that Mr. Levine had absolutely no knowledge of the Ra System of Mathematics, and was just as ignorant of the content of the messages as were those he attempted to con into translating them for him, or anyone he was fronting for.
We definitely believe that David Levine was first chosen by another person or organization to interpret the ET messages that they in some way received. He was probably chosen for the task because of his expertise in the area of computer programming. Interesting enough is the fact, that there are several David Levines with different middle initials that are known to be interested in the “field of computer game design.” The David Levine who created the “Contact Project” never used his middle initial, so it is difficult to accurately identify which one he really is. Maybe he isn’t any of these people, or maybe he is all of them.
One of these Levines once contracted for NASA to work on a project called “Aquarius,” and later to write computer programs for the International Space Station.
Presently a person named David M Levine is first at the top of our list of possible candidates who could have been the front man for the Tau Ceti Con Game.
It is quite obvious to us that whichever David Levine was involved in the “Tau Ceti Con Game”, didn’t know the slightest thing about the Ra System and was also totally unable to decode the messages with his computer expertise.
He must have concluded that he could not really begin such a project, until he first had an inkling as to how the messages were written. This is why he emphasized to his game players to concentrate on “how the messages were written and not on what they actually said.”

Failing with all his knowledge to determine how the messages were written Levine could not proceed to use any kind of known cryptanalysis program to extract any data from the unique series of 81 tones that compose the messages. Thus the idea occurred to him (or someone else) to seek help in solving his problem by inventing the Tau Ceti Con Game. Note: Levine told his game players that the 9 messages were composed of “82 tones.” Don’t you think the brilliant inventor of the so-called “fictitious messages” would remember that he only used 81 tones to compose the messages? Of course he would. This error certainly gives us a solid clue to the fact that David Levine did not write these messages.
The National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) employed two retired government “code breakers” to use cryptanalysis programs on the messages. NIDS reported to us that these experts failed in their efforts. NIDS recently suspended their public activities. For many years wealthy businessman, Robert Bigelow funded this organization.
It is also interesting to note that after our initial contact with NIDS we learned that a key contractor for NASA’s “Project Aquarius” was the “Bigelow Oceanic Laboratory” (located in New England). Remember a Dr. David Levine was deputy director of this NASA project. Is this a coincidence, or did NIDS realize that their association with us amounted to a conflict of interest?
We of the Ra Research Society are of the present mind that a computer program containing certain key Ra Mathematical factors could be developed and utilized to expedite the translations of the ET Messages. For this to be done we are seeking both talented people and monetary funds. If we are able to develop such a program we will immediately make it available to the general public. In the mean time we will continue to research and translate the nine ET messages to the best of our ability.
More research into the background of all the David Levines will continue as time goes on. But, we feel that our time would be better spent working on the translation of the ET messages. So we have decided to save time by immediately hitting the nail on the head, so to speak.
In order to remove all doubt as to whether or not David Levine is a falsely accused genius, instead of a liar and con artist, we intend to challenge him in an open letter. We will inform you where and when our challenge has been published.
Our purpose for making this challenge is simple. As we reveal our findings of the nine ET messages to the public, we are also very reluctantly providing David Levine and any of his associates with the means to interpret the messages. Our concerns are that Levine could say that he knew about the Ra System of Mathematics and used it to create the messages. If he did this, he could create some public doubt and discourage some people from participating in our translation project.
Further more, if Levine did falsely claim prior knowledge of the Ra System and tried to hide the fact that the Messages actually were sent to Earth by an extraterrestrial race, Levine would soon be buried by tons of our translated data, which he would have to also falsely claim to be of his invention (ha-ha). Believe me, if we had a person of such a giant intellect living among us, we certainly should beg, or pray to him to take over the world and solve its many problems.
Hopefully the David Levine of Project Contact fame will come forth and tell us why he thinks (or thought) that the ET messages were meant only for him and some other self-important people, who consider themselves to be superior to the rest of us. I would bet the farm, if he did give us his reason, it would be that the deception was for our own good, in order to prevent the worldwide panic of the worlds mentally deficient lower classes. More will be said about this subject in future writings.
The reader should expect that the government, certain organizations and even some well known members of the UFO research community will mount an offensive against us giving people (such as you) the ET information that we have to offer. We won’t waste time guessing what they might say or do, in order to try to stop and discredit our work or prevent us from achieving any favorable public exposure.
Where as each of the aforementioned would have their own reason for taking an adverse position against us, we will address each negative statement anyone of them might make in writing, one case at a time. We expect everyone in this group to back off (except maybe the government) as we present our overwhelming evidence that the messages are truly from an extraterrestrial source. Where as they don’t know how much proof we actually have, some will wisely hold their tongues (until we somehow unknowingly step on their toes) and hope we turn out to be nothing more than “crackpots” looking for fame.
We truly hope that those who might oppose our efforts do so publicly and as soon as possible. Because we know that with each new issue of our translation data their negativity will become more and more a subject of laughter.
We are open to all suggestions from technical writers or any one else that might have ideas as how best present our translated ET message information. If a better way is found we will rewrite any previously published material in the new form and redistribute it.
Thank for the kind attention you have given to this article.
Wesley H. Bateman
Ra Research Society