Rod C. Davis

Spiritual, Supernatural, Paranormal
Biblical Researcher, Author & Speaker
Ordained Minister
Seeker & Preacher of Hidden Truths
I knew at an early age, certain lessons within the Old and New Testaments could not be of God or Jesus. As the years passed by I attempted to prove that fact to myself, but none of the resources I researched gave me any satisfaction whatsoever. It was very frustrating to know within me certain Bible lessons could not be truthful, and have not the wherewithal to prove that fact to myself.

I absolutely knew through spiritual guidance I had received, which began in 2002, I could not give up my quest. Then, in early 2008, right out of the clear blue, a very meaningful resource was given to me, which provided most of the answers I had been searching for. As I completed my studies of it, another manifested without my having had to search for it, and that same scenario continued till I had all the answered I needed.

2008 became a pivotal point in my life, for I decided to devote all of my time and resources to making public the important Doctrine Jesus preached that has been excluded from the King James and Catholic Bibles. Those who study the information I share, will know as I now do: Jesus’ Doctrine that has been excluded from the New Testaments of the King James and Catholic Bibles, is crucial knowledge a soul must know to achieve the purification required to enter into the Kingdom of Light, aka the Kingdom of God, aka Heaven.

Shortly after making some of my biblical research public, hate emails and computer virus attacks began, and by mid-2010 they became commonplace. Actually they became so numerous I began to wonder if I had correctly interpreted the spiritual guidance I had received. So during late June 2010 I decided to include in my daily prayers a request, asking God to send me a physical sign that would prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am doing His Will.

Mid July 2010, after 2.5 weeks of including the prayer in my daily prayers, I received that sign, and without praying for it, I received a 2nd physical sign two years later on 7/12/12 at 12:25 AM, and it was not till months later God revealed to me the significance of the delivery date and time: God’s number is 7; 12 is for Jesus’ 12 Apostles; 12 is for the 12 tribes they came from; 12 is for the 12 Pillars of Jesus Church, who are His Apostles. God Blessed me with a 3rd physical sign in July 2014, and I have disclosed those physical signs on my website: Physical Signs.