A sequence of events occurred prior to my receiving a physical sign from God in 2010, which I need to disclose, but first I must share that for more years than I can recall, I could not accept that certain lessons within the Bible, could possibly be of God, or Jesus. As time went on those feelings didn’t abate, and eventually, in 2005, I began to look for answers that would address the “why” behind that conviction.
The first in the sequence of events that I mentioned, came about during the spring of 2003; a very clear, detailed image of a slim built man appeared before me. I am 6’ 2”, and this man, at minimum, stood a foot taller than me. He had a white robe on that had no belt at the waste; it just seemed to hang straight down from his shoulders, and the robe had long sleeves similar to the sleeves depicted on paintings I have seen of Christ. The man had long, wavy white hair that almost reached his shoulders, and he looked me directly in the eye. 
He had a large Bible in the crook of his left arm, not so much as being thick, but long, and his right arm was hanging down by his side; it was bent a little, but he didn’t have anything in his hand. He said nothing, he just looked at me. I do not know how long the event lasted as I did not have any sense of time, but it’s certainly an event that to this day, I still see clearly in my mind. I do not recall at all seeing his left hand, but I do not believe it held the Bible in place, as it was resting in the crook of his arm, at about a 15 degree angle, with the base of it against his body.
A few months later, at 11 PM, something jabbed me in my right side, just below my rib cage, about seven inches from my sternum, and it woke me out of a sound sleep. The jab knocked the wind out of me, and the sound I made woke my wife. The force behind the jab made me think it would go all the way through to my back. Early the next day I recorded the event in my journal, as I do with all my spiritual experiences, and while writing it down, something kept gnawing at my mind: I had the distinct feeling, a knowing if you will, that my experience had something to do with Christ’s crucifixion. Can’t tell you why I felt that way, I just did. 
Something else occurred that I found to be kind of interesting: almost as if to drive the point home, I continued to get jabbed in that same spot, every night, for the next few weeks, but the jabs were never as forceful as that first night, and most often the jab just made me grunt.
The next event I experienced came about in mid 2004. I had an angelic encounter that was the most euphoric experience I ever had, and there are no words that can adequately describe the wondrous love and peace I felt deep within me, and that experience forever changed the way I look at, and think about another human being. In addition, since that event took place, whenever I meet another person, I feel love for them, as though I had known them for a very long time. 
I did not realize until November 2005 that the spiritual events I had been experiencing, were related, and conveyed an important message. During the Thanksgiving Holiday I had an urge that came out of the clear blue, for I had not even given the slightest consideration to doing it: I read my journal of spiritual experiences. As I did I noticed a pattern develop, and after reviewing my journal several times, it became very clear to me that I must begin research to understand why I knew deep within me, certain lessons in the Bible could not possibly be of God or Jesus, and I did just that.
However, every ancient biblical resource I decided to study did not reveal any of the answers I had been searching for. Finally, in early 2008, a resource manifested, which I did not find on my own; it literally, so to speak, dropped into my lap, and it contained many of the answers I had been searching for. When I finished studying it, another manifested in the same manner as the first, which contained more of the answers I had been searching for, and when I finished studying it another manifested in the same manner, and this happened several times, till when all was said and done, I had all the answers I had been searching for.
During the third quarter of 2008 I began to post some of the knowledge I gained from my research, as it pertained to the content of the King James & Catholic Bibles, and shortly thereafter I began to receive hate emails and computer virus attacks. By mid-2010, they became so numerous I began to doubt the message I felt had been given to me through my spiritual experiences, and I thought about no longer posting my research on the Internet.
But I had second thoughts about that, so I decided to include in my daily prayers, a prayer asking God to provide me with a physical sign which would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the work I am doing is of His Will. After 2.5 weeks of praying that prayer, I received that sign on July 27th.
The sign came in the form of an email from a husband and wife evangelist team. I had no idea they existed, nor did they know I existed, for more than 8000 nautical miles separate us. I decided to open the email because of this information contained in the subject line, written exactly like this: “GOD'S WORD FOR YOU!!!,” and the heading of the first paragraph read exactly like this, “BEHOLD, GOD'S TESTING IS TO DO YOU GOOD IN THE END!” And the first sentence said, “Although God’s testing seems difficult, bitter and unpleasant to undergo, it is the only means by which God approves His children for greater things and positions.” The rest of the message is personal, but it absolutely proved to me, the work I am, and have been doing, is of His Will.
I still receive emails from them, from time to time, and each email has always addressed an issue I had been dealing with the day before, and twice the email not only addressed the issue I had been dealing with, it did it with absolute laser perfect accuracy.
I feel blessed and humbled beyond words to have received the guidance that has been bestowed upon me, and to have my prayers requesting a physical sign, answered. Needless to say, I made the decision to dedicate the rest of my life to biblical research, and the sharing of the knowledge I gain. 
I received a 2nd physical sign two years later, on July 12, 2012, at 12:25 AM, and I had no idea there had been a significance to the delivery date and time, till months later when God revealed it to me.
This is the first of three physical signs from God which confirm I am to reveal
 to the world the corruption to His Word and His Son’s Doctrine
that is within the King James and Catholic Bibles