I received my first physical sign during the month of July 2010, and it is fully disclosed on my website,
Before disclosing everything about the second physical sign I received, I want to share with you that I had not prayed for it’s manifestation. On July 12th, 2012, at 12:25 AM, I sat straight up in bed from a sound sleep, and looked toward the living room, which I’d never done before. I immediately noticed what seemed to be a bright white light, and it was brightest at the center. The bright center steadily grew larger, and rapidly increased to a bright white intensity like I had never seen before, and in an instant it was gone. I laid my head back down on the pillow, and I must’ve fallen right back to sleep, because the next thing I knew it was 4:50 AM, and time to get up. However, instead of getting right up like I normally do, I stayed in bed for a bit, enjoying a deep peaceful feeling I felt within me, and I had known that feeling once before. The last time I had that feeling was in June of 2004, and the event that brought it about began at 10 PM, when an angel visited me. That visit changed my life, and disclosure of that visit can be read at the link below:

While recalling the peaceful feeling I enjoyed during the angel’s visit, which matched the feeling I woke up with, I remembered seeing the bright white light in the living room, and right at that moment I heard in the top center of my head, “Jesus came to you.” 
I didn’t think anything more of it until I opened my email about an hour later, and that is when I received my second, very humbling, physical sign, and I must also share that I found it to be extremely uplifting! My inbox contained an email from the husband and wife evangelist team who had sent the first physical sign to me in 2010, and it said: “Coming again is one of the significant strategies of our Lord Jesus Christ. He comes again to that which is import and special to Him, and He comes with more greater power to perform more greater miracles, signs and wonders. You are so special and very important to the Lord your Redeemer; so to this effect, we are very much humbled and honored to alert you that the Lord Almighty God has again come over to you to help you!!! He has officially assigned us to announce to you that He has significantly and strategically on this day come again to you and to your household with another greater wave of the glorious Power and Anointing of His Spirit to enhance and perfect you in a way you have never known before!!! Therefore, recompose your hope, courage and faith. For news about His work in you will spread through the whole countryside for His glory.”
The significance of the timing for Jesus’ visit on July 12th, 2012, did not sink in until the early morning of November 6th, 2012, when I was given what I believe had been a spiritual push to bring it into focus. I received a simple correspondence which stated, “Open your heart to Jesus.” I began to respond by letting the sender know I had absolutely done that, by recounting the appearance Jesus made to me on July 12th. When I wrote down 7/12/12 at 12 AM, I felt my body sort of jerk into a straight up sitting position, then, without thinking about doing it, I focused all of my attention on the numbers I had just written, and this immediately came to mind:

The 7 for the 7th month, July, is God’s number 7
The 12th day is for the 12 Apostles 
The 12th year is for the 12 Tribes of Israel the Apostles came from, and
the 12 of 12:25 AM is for the 12 Pillars of Jesus’ Church, who are His 12 Apostles.

The moment the significance of the information completely settled within my mind, major chills covered every inch of my body. Jesus talked often about the invisible, and He said the visible comes from the invisible and returns to the invisible. He also stated that the visible will experience a quickening of the flesh when the invisible are nearby. The quickening of the flesh is also known as goose bumps, or chills. It is a form of spiritual communication, and depending, it can tell the visible the invisible is nearby, or it can be a positive confirmation to a special event that just occurred.
I have wondered why, in all the time that had passed by since July 12th, I had not put that information together on my own; nor had I thought about the fact that Jesus’ visit came in the same month, two years after I had received the first physical sign. I can’t begin to tell you how very humbling, yet also extremely exhilarating, it has been to be blessed by God and His Son in the ways that I have, and I am so very thankful to our Heavenly Father for choosing me to do the work that I am, and have been doing.
This is the second of three physical signs from God which confirm I am to reveal
 to the world the corruption to His Word and His Son’s Doctrine
that is within the King James and Catholic Bibles