This is the third of three physical signs from God which confirm I am to reveal
 to the world the corruption to His Word and His Son’s Doctrine
that is within the King James and Catholic Bibles

The third physical sign from God, manifested the morning of July 11, 2014, and it absolutely humbled me beyond words, but it also filled me with a great deal of joy and excitement.
At the time I had been in the midst of completing the last chapter of a book God told me in April 2000 I would write, and I had thought often about the manner in which it should be published. On July 8th, 2014, I began to include in my daily prayers, a prayer asking God to provide to me guidance for the publishing of His and His Son’s book, and I say Their book, for They led me to the resources that made the writing possible. I asked Him to please provide a physical sign in which I could not mistake its meaning.
When I woke at 4:55 AM, I immediately thought about how I would obtain a barcode if my guidance turned out to be self-publishing; I should add, I did not know why that thought came into my mind at that time, for my mind is normally on other things when I wake. However, be that as it may, I received an answer as to why it came into my mind, at 9:45 AM, and at the same time, I received angel confirmation that the answer came from God.
At 9:45 AM, while creating a document in MS Word 2003, which is the version I prefer to use, the computer to seemed suddenly go into a suspended state, and MS Word was the only program I had opened. I do not use this computer to access the Internet, as it is very slow, although it does have Internet access through the network. Being the computer started to act as it did, I wondered what could be working in the background that would cause it to do such, so I sat back in my chair, just looking at the monitor for a bit, when all of a sudden an Internet page appeared, and the page contained information and a link to obtain a free barcode - nothing else.
After absorbing for a few minutes, the image on the monitor, I came to this conclusion: God had answered my prayer and provided the unmistakable physical sign had I asked for; the physical sign being the free barcode that materialized out of the clear blue. Why is it the physical sign? If I were to seek a publisher, I would not need a free barcode, or any barcode for that matter. I would need such only if I were to self-publish.
A short while later another revelation came to me: the 1st physical sign I received from God to confirm I am doing His will, came at 3:55 PM, 7/27/2010, and the 2nd came 7/12/12 @ 12:25 AM; and now a 3rd physical sign, which came at 9:45 AM, on 7/11/2014.
I believe there is significance to the fact that all these signs, 2 years apart, occurred in the month of July, why? July is the 7th month, and 7 is God’s number. I firmly believe the consistency for the timing of these messages, is to put to rest any argument that any one of these physical signs could have been a coincidence. And I know that issue does not apply to me, for God knows I personally do not believe in coincidences, as I know every event has a purpose to it.

All praise, honor and glory be to our Lord God Almighty, His Son and the Holy Spirit!